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Can I compile my project from windows to work with linux

I have written a program in Labview 7.1 for windows XP. Some costumers are interested to run this software under Linux Ubuntu. Can I write programs in labview on a windows-pc and from there build a application to run under Linux ?
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No, each operating system uses a different type of executable.  There is a different LabVIEW Run-Time engine for Linux, Windows, and Mac. Any installer you build will only run on the OS that you built it on. However, any VI that you create can be opened and run on a different operating system if you have the development system.

Finally, the only way to deploy a LabVIEW application on a particular operating system is to use the Application Builder for that operating system.

    Benjamin R.

Senior LabVIEW Developer @Neosoft

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Thanks for the quick answer. I will talk to my manager about a Labview licence for Linux.......
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If you haven't planned to migrate to another OS you may run into some problems. They are at least filenames and text with non ascii characters like german umlauts, access to the registry, Active-X, unsupported hardware, uncomplete supported hardware, 3D-Graph.

Using 7.1.1, 8.5.1, 8.6.1, 2009 on XP and RT
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