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Calling Sub Vi

Hello all..


I am currently working in a project which has 4 sub vi and one main vi all are configured in a click event. Now am calling the subvi using vi reference. What I am feeling is its not a good method to do. Can any one suggest me any other method of calling the code effectively. 

Silver_Shaper | CLD
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ou probably need to provide significantly more information:


Should all four subVIs be able to run concurrently?

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Generally if you wish to call a sub-vi you simply pull the file (or icon if you already have it open) into the caller vi. Just like you've done with Add, Index array and the other vi's already. 🙂



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Qestit Systems
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Am calling the sub vi not concurrently. All are done some what serial only. What about queues, notifiers and user defined event. Where they are use.

Silver_Shaper | CLD
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1. Please post your VI and subVIs (zip them if necessary).  We cannot tell enough detail about what you are trying to do from a few sentences.  Also, please describe what does not work and how you want it to work.


2. Guessing: You probably can just wire the output of the first subVI to the input of the next one. No references, no queues, no events.


3. Work through the on-line tutorials to learn the basics of LabVIEW.



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I can't post my vi here. Its a project for an famous industry. I ve almost finished. Any how thanks for your replies.

Silver_Shaper | CLD
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when you call VI b y reference, you need to take while packaging, you have to mention explicitly to include those VIs.....


You can just drop that VI in the event structure...........

Anil Punnam
LV 2012, TestStand 4.2..........
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