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Calling MSP430 functions in MSP430-TI.dll using Labview


I have few questions about implementing the MSP430-TI.dll functions in LabVIEW and I greatly appreciate your help

I would like to read MCU through JTAG and then update the firmware

1- I can see all the dll functions in LabVIEW but I couldn't find any documentation for these functions like what are the parameters and return values. Could you please let me know from where I can find the user guide for these functions

2- Can I use MSP430 Flasher command lines instead of using the dll in LabVIEW

3- I don't have the updated firmware but one my boards has the MCU updated. When I use FETPro-430 , can I click on Read-Copy and then save the txt file and use it to update the FW of the other boards?



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I'm not sure why you are aking your question here. Neither the mcu or the dll are NI products. Any documentation on the dll would have to come from whomever wrote it.
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you are right but has anyone had any experience in implementing these function or updating the mcu firmware for this micro in LabVIEW? An example code would be perfect for me to start

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I'm looking into this issue too. TI provided an executable with graphic user interface for loading firmware, I'm thinking whether I can use LabVIEW to automate the process, it will be appreciated if anyone with this experience can provide some suggestions. 

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Hi, have you solved? I have the same problem .. is it possible to have an example VI?


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