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BK precision 8500 stops responding after running program for a longer time.


I am using a BK precision 8500 together with LabView to do some testing. The LabView code seems to be fine, I'll link my .vi file down below. The code is used to test batteries and log the results. When i run the code through quickly the BK precision works fine. However, when i leave it on overnight to get actual results, the BK precision stops responding. Even measurements dont come in anymore. Then when i restart the program it just works fine again. Does anyone know what the problem is here? 

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Hey Thomas,


Do you get any error when this happens? Does it only crush after 24 h run? Does BK 8500 need any kind of refreshing?

Where is the data stored? Do you use arrays? Could this be a memory issue? 


Kind Regards,


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Hi, i dont get an error when this happens. The non-responsiveness is pretty random each time. For instance, i'm running a program now where the load is in CC mode and working fine, checked after half an hour and the load itself is still in CC mode drawing 0.75A, but LabView isnt getting any measurements from it anymore. I am logging the data into an excel sheet, the update rate is about 4.6 seconds so shouldn't be much of a memory problem. Dont know about the refreshing, doesn't say anything about a sleep mode or anything in the user manual. Not sure what you mean by if i'm using arrays.



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Hello Thomas,

LabVIEW stops logging odd issue here, in my previous question I was wondering whether you use arrays in LabVIEW to store data. How do you stream data to excel file? Think that it would be possible to post your VI to have a look at it? - or a part of it?


Kind Regards,


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Hi, i believe i do use arrays to store the data. I posted the .vi in my first post of the whole system. Labview doesn't only stop logging, it stops correctly communicating with the BK precision altogether. 

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