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Automatically validate the value of a numeric control ?

Hi all,
Here is my problem: when editing the value of a numeric control I often forget to press enter or to click the "Enter text" button to validate the value.
When I forgot to do that and generate another event (e.g. click on a button) the "value change" event of that numeric control doesn't seem to be caught.
As a result the value of the numeric control is effectively changed on the front panel without triggering the code I want to be executed on "value change".
Is there an easy way to automatically validate the value of a numeric control (equivalent to "Update value while typing" for text controls) ?
Thanx in advance for your help,
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Can you post a simple example that shows what you are seeing?  When you change the value of the control and then click on some other control you should get the event.  I wonder if there is an issue with your code that explains why it is not firing.
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I have attached a simple vi (LV8.2) to test numeric events.  When I change the numeric and then I click anywhere outside the box, even if I click the boolean button, the numeric value change event is executed.  Check to see if you have any Key Navigation assignments for the Numeric control.  This may be your problem.  Also, look at Tools - Options - Environment to see if you have the "End test entry with Enter key" checkbox checked.  I have it unchecked.  Having it checked may force you to press the Enter key to fire off the value change event.

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Evan and tbob,

Thanx for your help! Checking that "End test entry with Enter key" checkbox solved my problem.

best regards,


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