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Automate measurement for Keithley 2520



I am new to LabView for instrument automation. I am trying to write a LabView program that will measure the L-I-V characteristics of a laser diode from the Keithley model 2520. There are no instrument drivers for this tool, so I turned to Keithley and found the attached example program. It does not work when I attempt to make measurements. Will I have to write a program from scratch, or am I likely using the example program incorrectly?





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What do you mean "does not work"? Do you get errors, wrong data, fried laser diodes, what?


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What exactly doesn't work? What error code/message do you get?
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When I set my desired parameters, I hit the "sweep" button, which then pauses and prompts me to save a file, presumably the collected data. The file is empty and nothing is displayed on the graphs in the VI.

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