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Attempt to Open or Create TDMS file gives error -2501

This is an odd one:


I don't know what's causing this, but when trying to open or create a tdms file I'm getting the -2501 error. The file name I'm using worked before, but if i hit the stop button, I can no longer use that file name. If I change one letter in the file name it works fine until I stop the program from running, and then I start getting the error again. 


Speaks is Perplexed

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Sorry, make that -2503

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Is it possible to upload your TDMS file here and we can take a look and try to find out the root cause?

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I fixed it, it wasn't a file read issue; I was setting up to write to files. On the TDMS open vi for operation I had it set to "open or create". I changed it to "create or replace" and it works fine now. 

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OK, I lied. In order to get multiple lines of data it has to be set for open or create.


I'm attaching the TDMS file as you requested, but I had to change the file extension to .txt because this forum wouldn't accept .tdms


I'm at a loss as to why this is happening. It was working before, all I changed was the file name format. I had a strip path in line before, but I don't know why that would make a difference. When I put a constant in as the file name it works fine.


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I'm also attaching the first VI that worked, and the revsion that doesn't. 

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I couldn't open the VIs you attached, it seems some controls are missed. Maybe you can try to upload your TDMS file by using NI FTP:

And please reply with the file name when you upload and we'll take a  look at the file.


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how do I upload to it?

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how do I upload to it? 

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@Speaks wrote:

how do I upload to it? 

Copy that address in to your Windows explorer and it will show up like a normal folder directory would.


Edit: I dropped my own random file in there to test it out and it uploaded... but now I can't delete it or open it. Sorry for taking up your server space, NI! Smiley Very Happy


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