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Application Crash with error code "420257006 : Bad input argument" in WinCE using labview TP 2012 and custom runtime menu


    I'm using labview 2012 Touch Panel module to program a wince7 device.

There are two parts to this problem.


1) If i change the menu to a custom runtime menu or minimal menu, the application builds but when it deploys and runs it crashes immediately with "error code 420257006 : Bad input argument to function" . but if i keep the default menu then it does not. how do i resolve this?.


2) I am not able to see the menu(default) at all in the target. the application runs in full screen without any borders or scroll bars. how to enable them? control their visiblity?


i'm using labview 2012 with the target as Touch Panel Windows CE 5.0 Device.

The device runs on Arm cortex A9 with windows CE & loaded.


Limitations in Designing User Interfaces (Touch Panel Module) (Windows CE) suggests that sutom runtime menu is available in TP.


Thanks for your help

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