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Application Builder - Installer - Missing Files



I have a very large project and I want to create an installer. I have prebuilded the exe and all the necessary files and added them to the new project as files.


Somehow, when I want to create a new installer, I can not see my exe files (added to LVProject as files) in the Source Files Tab.

I have tried to remove and add these file again to the project, but nothing happened.


I have a feeling about that when I double click on the Installer icon in the LVProject - Build Specification to open Installer settings the filelist do not refresh. Is it possible to fore refresh that files?


This issue is very annoying...


Please give some help, thanks.

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To build an installer from with a project you must add the Build Specification, not the executable itself. Therefore you need to create the Installer in the same Project as the Build Specification. You cannot manually add executable files to the Installer, just Build Specifications that define your built executable.


See the Installer help:

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