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Any example of ChartSpace ActiveX control?


I have been trying to use the Microsoft office ChartSpace control to display excel style charts.  The native LabVIEW charts and graphs do not give me the flexibility i need.  I am having a hard time getting started, initially I would like to plot a 2d array of values to a bar chart.  Does anyone have an example that would help me get going?

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Ok, so I have found enough information to do what I need now, there is a lot that can be done with ChartSpace!


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I am looking for something similar...


Can you help with some insights on exactly what you did?


I am particularly interested in how I actually insert the ChartSpace element in a form. Where do I find it? And how do I then get it into my form?


Once it is there - I beleieve I know how to access it from VBA.

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Forms? VBA? Are we talking about LabVIEW here?



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Actually we are talking about iFix - a SCADA development tool. Here you create "pictures" - which in e.g. Microsoft Access would be referred to as "forms": A graphical user interface, where you can have buttons, data fields and other graphical elements.


It has VBA and I can address and manipulate elements in my pictures from VBA. I.e. if I have a graph in my form - then I can populate the datasheet from VBA and refresh the graph in the form.


But - so far I have not found a way to actually insert a ChartSpace element into my form. iFix has other more specific chart-elements - but I need the general ChartSpace with the flexibility to create a chart just like I can do in Excel.


So - from your post it appears that you have managed to "insert" Charts in some other application - and my question is: What exactly didi you do? Did you drag and drop it from Excel of did you find some ActiveX-control somewhere as a toolbox... or what?


I hope it makes sense.



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This forum is only for LabVIEW. However, I can tell you that with labVIEW you can drop an ActiveX container down on the front panel and insert an activeX object.  The chart activeX control (Microsoft Office Chart 11.0) is part of Microsoft Office Web Components which can be downloaded free from microsoft.

Hope this helps,


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Sorry for intruding... I shall go search for the ActiveX on the Microsoft web site.

I believe I am coming close to solving my problem. I am just not very familiar with your terminology - what exactly do you mean when you refer to an "ActiveX container" - is that like a menu bar I somehow can enable or what?


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An activeX container in labview equates to placing an activeX reference on a VB form, I think.  Sorry I cannot help any further,


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