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An exception occurred within the external code called by a Called Library Node.

I am using Labview 7.0. I have used the DAQ Assistant to read analog data from a USB NI device. Sometimes after stopping the program and restarting the program, I get the attached message. When I am able to restart the program a second time and the program runs fine. I have had this problem with a multifunction PCI board as well. It seems to be related to using the DAQ Assistant because the fault message always includes the fact that it failed on a "DAQmx Create" issue.


Labview Error.JPG

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Seems that there is something wrong with the DAQ driver.

There is not much you can do here, so I would suggest to repair the DAQmx driver as a first step. If this doesn't help you might think about reinstalling it or updating it to a newer version.





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