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Agilent Spectrum Analyzer USB Issues

We are using an Agilent N9320 Spectrum Analyzer with USB communication. 


I am seeing the SA lose communication with the rack about every 25 th run or so, requiring the operator to reboot the device.  This si getting really annoying fast.  I am not having issue with any of the other Agilent USB equipment attached to the rack.  We have tried going from a powered USB hub, to just plugging the SA in directly to the computer.


When it "loses" communication, the red Remote light is still light, but you cannot send it any commands, it does not respond.


I tried doing both the reinitialize the connection after each test run or only once per opening of the application.


Has anyone else had any issues with this equipment?


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Are you using the driver from the link below to control your device?

What version of NI-VISA do you have installed?

Try to reproduce the problem while NI I/O trace is running, so you can log the driver calls. You can take a look at the KB below to learn how to perform a trace:

Wan L
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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