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Agilent N6700B OVP set error

I'm trying to configure the an Agilent N6700B power supply using the agn6700 ivi driver downloaded from Instrument driver network. The IVI driver is setup using MAX. I can set the voltage level using IviDCPwr Configure Voltage Level but got the following error when using the IviDCPwr Configure OVP vi
Error -1074135039 occurred at IviDCPwr Configure
Possible reason(s):
Driver Status:  (Hex 0xBFFA0001) Instrument error detected.  Call the PREFIX_error_query function and examine the error. code and error message parameters for additional information regarding the error.
Primary Error: (Hex 0xBFFA0001) Instrument error detected.  Call the PREFIX_error_query function and examine the error. code and error message parameters for additional information regarding the error.
Attached is the NI-spy capture. I'm using LabView 8.0, agn6700 ivi driver (IviDCPwr  2.0, IviDriver  1.0).
Thanks for the help.
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With an instrument specific error, you really need to call the error query function to determine what the instrument is complaining about. It could be any number of reasons such as a wrong value or a syntax error. If there is a problme with the driver, you may not be able to fix it yourself unless you have CVI but you might be able to determine some sort of work-around. You could also try the LabVIEW driver to see if you get the same error.
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I'm a newbie on Labview. How do I call the error query function?



husni h

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The message is kind of generic with the 'prefix' text and what it actually imeans is to replace 'prefix' with agn6700. The agn6700 Error-Query function is on the Utility Functions sub-palette of the driver. Just open it up, change the instrument handle to your instrument's, and run it.
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If you can reproduce a bug in the driver with a piece of code, you can always send it to us at and we will do our best to address it.  We don't always have the instrument available, but you should be able to test the fix.  I recommend that you start with the example for that driver, as it should work as is.  This should give you an idea of how to call the driver VIs.  Also, if you do not required the advanced features of IVI, you can use the agn6700 LabVIEW Plug and Play driver, which has LabVIEW source code available.
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I just started using the NI drivers for the N6700B and ran into the same problem. I dug into the OVP driver VI and found out it has a bug. The NI driver is like the one for the over current. It has an input that turns the OVP on or off (In their SCPI language it is the STAT command). However, the OVP function is always on so when the VI sends the ASCII command to turn the OVP on it returns an error that it sees an 'unrecognizable header' because it does not recognize that command for that function. I got into the provided VI and modified it to take out that command and everything worked fine.
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I am having the same issue, and it's 2013...

How come the driver was not repaired for that OVP and I get that same error with LV 2012.

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... And I don't think we, users, as a rule, should tinker with provided Sub VIs

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I've been using LabVIEW for a very long time and I've always tinkered with provided subVIs;)

The original poster and the one who found the fix may not have reported it to the provided email. You can post the VI that is causing the problem and perhaps someone will fix it for you.
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I should have stated: Novice users like me should not tinker...:-)

Here is the VI, consisting of two channels I am setting up, then go into a while loop that continually measures the channels and report Their V and I on the front panel.

By the way, despite the error, the VI on the particular system (Full Development suite) works fine. The problem is when I export its executable to a non-LV machine, the VI does not work. The two power supply channels are not configured, and I suspect the error as the root cause.

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