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AdvanTest R3463

I work with AdvanTest Spectrum Analyzer model-R3463. The instruments return replay to Get Trace command (TAA?) as ADC data. How I can convert this data to real power (dbm or mV). Smiley Sad
Alex Katsovich
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Hi Alex,

Are you currently using an IDNET driver? These can be found here:

These are driver VIs that can be used to communicate with the device, and might have the functionality you are looking for.

Unfortunately I have not worked with the device before, but if you tell me what "ADC data" is it would be helpful in trying to figure this out.
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Hi, Alex and Rasheel,


I face the same problem. The labview driver for this doesn't provide the same unit as shown on the screen. For exampe: on the screen, the unit is dbm, the value is from -100 to -80. However, the driver code produce y-axis value from 2000 -- 8000 (seems like the data from some analogue-to-digital converter.)


I haven't found any manuals with detailed GPIB code, so, not sure whether there is any code can output exactly the same value and unit as shown on the screen of Advan R3463...


Have you solved this problem?


It is a long time. Hope I can still get some info from you....






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