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Adding input terminals in LabVIEW

I am trying to revamp a school project. There was a subvi created with two input terminals, but I now need three. I have added the input in the subvi (shown in block diagram and on front panel), but when called in the overall vi only two input terminals exist still. Is there a way to change this?
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Open the Front Panel, right click the vi icon on the top right corner and choose show connector.
Then right click the connector and choose add terminal or choose one pattern from the patterns list.
Thne click on the new terminal and then on the control to link them.

Hope this helps,
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In the calling VI, after you have added the terminal, and saved the sub-vi, the sub-vi's icon will most likely be greyed out. Right click on it and select "relink to sub-vi". If you moved where the original connections were you may have broken wired connected to those terminals. Just rewire and continue playing!

Putnam Monroe
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If you opened the subVI when the main VI was not open, then made your change and saved the subVI to a new filename, the main VI will never know about the change. In this case, you can open the main VI, right click on the subVI and select Replace->Select a VI... then browse to your new VI and select it.

The other solution is to open the main VI, then double click on the subVI, make your changes and then even if you save it to a different filename, the main VI will be linked to that one.

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