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Adding DAQ data to a template



I have a question concerning the use of excel templates.  Though there are a number of forum posts dedicated to the topic, I don't quite see how to fit it all together.


Currently I have a DAQ with 40 output channels, I am trying to write those results to a pre-formatted excel.


My current VI has all the capabilities I wish (See attached except the ability to put the data in a pre formatted excel.


The write to measurement VI that I am using is a native part of labview, it seems as though I need to use the Report Generation Toolkit (which I have), though I am not quite sure how to create the template using LV.  I continue to get errors "this is not a labview generated excel".


I have also attached my current output (See attached DAQ_OUTPUT.xls) I would like the data to instead look like the slightly formated finished product (Attached DAQ_Output_ideal_final.xls). 



Specifically, I would like to create a template [this template would be exactly (Attached DAQ_Output_ideal_final.xls)  minus the data], then use the for loop within my current VI to determine the target row of insertion.  I would like to use the iteration count (i).


Apologies, as I am sure this question has been answered I simply can't make heads or tails of the report generation toolkit; I imagine that since my desired result is relatively simple, there could be a work around using only the write to measurement VI  Wrong term.






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Do not use a Template.  Generate the Excel Worksheet "on the fly" using the Report Generation Toolkit tools.  I showed how do to this a while ago -- look for the post called Revised "Generate Excel Report" Example, which includes the revised Demo.



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That's the one.  I think it is self-explanatory -- try it out, experiment with adding stuff, see if it will suit your needs.



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Ill give it a go.


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