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Add data to odd and even rows of an array

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Im new on LabView Software so I need some help. I want to build an array with 2 columns and X (numeric control) rows. Ok, now i have three 1D arrays (that are built by numeric controls) to build my final array: first array goes to the row number 0, the second one goes to odd rows and the third one goes to the even rows. My problem is that with the VI I have done, I cant fill the odd and even rows correctly. If you can help I will be very grateful.

This is my code:

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Hi Adrian

I am struggling to understand what it is that you need at the moment, but to get the ball rolling does this help?


Insert Into Array.png


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Perhaps you want the Interleave 1D Arrays function.

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It would be better to define the number of B-C repeats, making the number of rows 2N+1.


Here's one possibility, I am sure it can give you some ideas. Modify as needed.



(Note that you need to initialize the array before the loop, and not over and over. Also, you don't need to wire the second index if it is one higher that the one above. Make sure to use the right representations for all data. Some should be blue.)

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