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3D Surface Plot


I am having some problem with 3D mesh plot. I have attached my VI.


1. Instead of one (as shown in the VI) If I try to plot 2-3 such 3D surfaces then my system performance slows down and the VI closes showing error message 'not enough memory', although it has enough memory.

2. Now, if I change the 'No. of Points' from 512 to 64 and the expression (in the expression node) from 2*x-1 to 2*x*x+1, the axes gets changed accordingly, but the size of the figure remains same (visually). Visually the size of the figure should be smaller than the previous one. How to change the overall size of the figure?

I will be higly grateful if somebody helps me in this regard.



Thanking You!



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Sometimes the solution is simple.  Add a simple event structure.

Matthew Fitzsimons

Certified LabVIEW Architect
LabVIEW 6.1 ... 2013, LVOOP, GOOP, TestStand, DAQ, and Vison
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