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2 FP-TC-120 connected to FP-1601 can only obtain data from one module

I wrote a simple program reading data from a FP-TC-120 and printing it out to the screen using a while loop. When I had that working the way I wanted I added an additional TC-120 to the network. For some reason I cannot get them to read together or separately. The module is recognized by field point explorer and it is clearly getting power. When I run the program with just the second module referenced I get error 32812, "The specified tag name was not foung." I've checked the format for the module specifiers several times and everything seems to be in order. Any suggestions? Thanks in Advance.
LabVIEW 2016 - Windows 7

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1. DO you read temperatures from the second module by the FieldPoint Explorer ?
2. Do you used diffrent tags names for each module ?
3. Software environment ? (LabView Version, FP Explorer Ver. etc.)
4. Can u send the VI to examine it ?

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1. Yes I am reading temperatures from both modules.
2. Eash module has a different device name, but they are both on the same network.
3. I'm using LabView 6.1, Field Point 3.1.

Thanks for your help.
LabVIEW 2016 - Windows 7

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Hi, i think that your problem is at the names of the devices.

At the Contorols "comm resource name" & "device name" you selected to display the strings as "Normal Display", but you enter the \s codes there. Remove them and evrey thing will work perfect.

I mean that the "comm resource name" will be: "FP @ 10_0_0_179" at Normal Display and the "device name" will be: "FP-TC-120 @2" at Normal Display.

It should work. It work for me....

Hope it Helps....

The Bush-Man
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You are a life saver, I've only spent two weeks learning and developing with Labview and I guess, like with most things, it can often be the smallest things holding you up. Thanks a lot for your help.
LabVIEW 2016 - Windows 7

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Also, you should pull the FP Create Tag VIs outside of the while loop. There is no reason to constantly recreate the tags in the loop. It wastes processing power to give the same result over and over and over again.

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