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1553B card communication

Hi all:


I have an ACX1553 board with 4 channels bought from.

Now, I want use 2 Channels to communicate with each other, one server as BC,the other RT.

And I used the example of "BC Acyclic Example"  in AIM_1553 project.


My problems are:

1,Does "ul_Stream" means channel?"API_Stream_1":channel1? If yes, that means I should confining API_Stream_2 with the same VI.

2,Does "bModule"  means the board in the PXI'S slot ID?

3,Does I choose "Direct Coupling"? I didn't use the transfer.

4,Would somebody so kind enough to send me an example about two channels communication?

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Did you ever get this to work?  I have an ACX1553-3U-2 (2 Channels), and I'm trying to do a similar thing - set Channel 1 to BC and wrap it to Channel 2 as an RT.


However, I can't seem to communicate with 2 streams within the same VI.  I get NOACK errors from BIU2 when I try to configure API_Stream_2.



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Yes, It can't work.

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