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How is filesystem working on EV3 brick?

Hi all.


I am trying to figure out the file/directory structure on the EV3 brick.


I wanted to create a subdirectory with for example sound files in it, to acces them

from within LabVIEW.

But that does not work. The directory is created in the root level of the SD or the Brick memory.


Another thing is that I don't know how to access a file under a specific directory.

The only way to directly access a file was creating a Default/ directory on the Brick memory

and place the soundfiles there. If I then just connect a soundfile name (ex. ping.rsf) directly

to the "filename" input of the play sound function, the file is found.


How can I access other directories from in LabVIEW. How can I read from the SD card?


Thank you in advance?




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In the same boat here, would appreciate any advice.  I want to store data logs on the SD Card, but cannot find a way to set the file path to the SD.



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