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AQ Favorite Edit Time Menu Plug-Ins (and Outs).zip

This is all of the plug-ins that I have personally chosen to keep for my own development in LabVIEW. This is a subset of the total plug-ins available on this community site. It includes some written by NI devs and some written by our customers.

This .zip makes it easy to just grab these plug-ins -- just unzip them into the directory and you're done. The downside is you might not get the latest edits that the authors have made to their plug-ins. And you might want some of the plug-ins that I don't like. Darren and I, for example, have different ways that we want our personal environment to work, so I leave out some of the ones I know he would include.

I will update this list (and the .zip file) over time. At the moment, this zip includes the following:

Change To Different LabVIEW Class.llb

Clear Variant Data.llb

Convert Color Box.llb

Create Event.llb

Create SubVI from Selected Wires.llb

Expand Cluster Constant.llb

Explain Error on Nested Error Cluster.llb

Find Wire Source.llb

For Loop - Generate.llb

Free Label To Constant.llb

Insert Build Array.llb

LabVIEW Class And Cluster Unbundle Bundle With IPE.llb

LabVIEW Class And Cluster Wire Insert IPE.llb

Lookup All Shortcut Menu Tags And Types.llb

NI.Wire Drill.llb

Popout Breakpoint Menus.llb

Show All Hidden Cluster Elements.llb

Text Properties.llb

Wire Multiple Items to Bundler.llb

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Trusted Enthusiast

A nice touch would be to have links to the respective entries on this website in the list above...

NI Wire Drill?

Active Participant
Active Participant

The wire drill plugin can be found here:

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