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Join the Quick Drop Enthusiasts Community Group

Laura Arnold
NI Employee (retired)

Quick Drop is the easiest way to improve your LabVIEW programming speed:


Press Ctrl-Space (Cmd-Shift-Space on MacOS) to launch Quick Drop, and you have instant access to all the objects normally available in the LabVIEW palettes. But instead of hunting for common objects based on palette location, you can just type the name of the object you need. You can specify short key combinations (like 'cs' for Case Structure) to make dropping common objects even easier. And Quick Drop provides Ctrl-Key shortcuts to accelerate common LabVIEW editor operations. Imagine being able to create controls and indicators on all unwired terminals of selected diagram objects in one operation. Wait a minute, you don't have to imagine it... just press Ctrl-Space, Ctrl-D!

One of the best ways to learn about all Quick Drop has to offer is to join the Quick Drop Enthusiasts group on Some great resources on this group include:

  • Commonly-used object shortcuts download
  • Community Ctrl-Key shortcut downloads
  • Discussions about feature ideas and improvements to Quick Drop for future LabVIEW releases

So if you're a long-time Quick Drop user, or if you're just now hearing about it for the first time, join the Quick Drop Enthusiasts group on to start learning about all the ways to use this fantastic productivity tool to increase the efficiency of your LabVIEW development.


There must be some "Quick Drop for Dummies" introductory web page somewhere on, so how about giving us a link to it?  Sure, use the search box, Google for actually useful search results, but I'm lazy, which is why I haven't already learned Quick Drop.  Here is a good one: