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LabVIEW Champion: Jay Thornby


LabVIEW Champions Member Profile - Jay Thornby 





Jay Thornby 



Charlotte, NC
Programming Languages:


LabVIEW, TestStand,





Used LabVIEW Since:


2001, LabVIEW 5.1


Applications Areas:


Automated Test development for electronic assemblies and products, Control systems for life cycle testing,  accelerated Development tools and SCADA systems.



I started my career as a US Navy Electronics Technician and moved on to hold technical positions in Doppler weather radar, high energy spectroscopy and eventually in the Medical device industry where,  much to my surprise, found out that the position I'd accepted required programming automated tests in LabVIEW! 


I hated "programming"  all those semi-colons, syntax errors, indention's and typographical errors!  Don't get me wrong- I was fluent at times in Basic, Pascal, Fortran, C++, and yes "Turtle Logo".  But, maybe I'm a bit dyslexic or, it could be that my 9th grade Russian language teacher could not read my handwriting so I learned to type on a Cyrillic keyboard.  The first program I wrote involved a deck of punch cards!

Programming was tedious and not so rewarding that I'd choose it for a career. 


A few decades later, I still write LabVIEW applications every single day.  I still learn more about LabVIEW every single day too!  And, I love my job!


User Groups:


Pacific North-West LUG, Minneapolis LabVIEW Users Group, Milwaukee LabVIEW Users Group, LabVIEW Career Network, Rocket city LUG.

Discussion Groups:


NI Discussion Forums, LAVA