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LabVIEW Champion: Brian Powell


Name:Brian Powell
Home:Austin, Texas USA
Certification:Certified LabVIEW Architect
Education:Bachelor of Arts, The University of Texas at Austin
Used LabVIEW Since:1
Application Areas:Healthcare, Robotics, Data Acquisition, Instrument Control, IVI, LXI, IEEE-1588
User Groups:LabVIEW Architects Forum, CLA Summits
Non-profit Board Membership:Austin Opera
Science In a Suitcase


Brian worked for National Instruments for 26 years before joining athenahealth in 2014.

Originally hired as a Macintosh developer with extensive C, MC68000 Assembly, and Macintosh Toolbox experience, he developed useful LabVIEW functions such as "saving VIs" and, later, "loading VIs".  He also worked on the compiler backends, and was lead developer of LabVIEW for Sun.  He helped with the early investigation of real-time LabVIEW, which led to the development of LabVIEW for Concurrent PowerMAX, of which we no longer speak.  He created and managed the LabVIEW Measurements group, and was involved in DAQmx development, the Waveform Data Types, the Timestamp data type, and improved standards for LabVIEW instrument drivers.  He was involved in IVI Foundation work, and represented NI to the LXI Consortium.  Later in his career, he created LabVIEW Robotics.  Near the end of his NI career, Brian moved to a hybrid sales/marketing role and created the Field Architect program, which focused on customer proficiency and success.

In this role of building strong software teams, Brian longed for a team of his own.  In 2014, he moved from NI to athenahealth, a Watertown, Massachusetts, based healthcare software company.  Brian manages several software teams at their Austin, Texas, facility.  Located in the historic Seaholm Power Plant in downtown Austin, Brian's teams enjoy the afternoon sun hitting a four-foot disco ball suspended from the power plant's 75-ton gantry crane.

Brian would like to thank all who made possible his acceptance into the LabVIEW Champions program.