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LabVIEW Champion: Brian Hoover


Brian Hoover

Brian Hoover Champion2.jpg

Rochester Hills, MI 

Programming Languages:
LabVIEW, C++, Java, Python, AutoIt, PLC




Used LabVIEW Since:
LabVIEW 6i, 2004


Applications Areas:

Primarily test automation. Developed test applications for consumer electronics, lab environments, biomedical devices, automotive electronics validation, EMC, and powertrain components, dynos, HIL testing, FPGA, and Real-Time development, machine vision and object detection.


I was born and raised in Michigan.  Growing up I always had a curious mind.  My parents often caught me taking apart my toys figuring out how they worked and how I could use them in other ways.  I took an interest in small electronics and took a couple electronics courses in high school where I learned the basics.  After high school I went to Kettering University formerly General Motors Institute where I got my bachelors in Electrical Engineering, but always focused my electives on computer science and computer engineering.


My career started at an alliance partner, VI Engineering.  There I worked on teams or alone, providing custom test solutions to customers.  Interacting with the customer, working with the off shore team, traveling around the country, technical presentations, project quoting, requirements traceability, system documentation, and reuse library development was just some of my responsibilities. 


After VIE I went to Magna, a tier one automotive supplier, and the third largest automotive supplier in North America.  While there I lead a team guiding them on best coding practices and building a large reuse library used primarily for testing automotive electronic components, and cameras.  I also helped with the HIL lab, EMC, and the dynos running VeriStand.


After that I worked at Jacobs Technology, working in a variety of testing environments for automotive, aerospace, defense, and military programs.  Again working in teams to deliver custom testing solutions and software suites.


Currently I work at Samsung in their battery testing lab division where I write, control, test, and factory management software.  And assist in production line tester equipment.


I enjoy doing personal projects involving some embedded micros, or using LabVIEW as a general purpose language for projects at home.



LAVA (where I moderate), NI Discussion Forums, SEMLUG (Southeast Michigan LabVIEW User Group), Reddit, Actor Framework, Quick Drop Enthusiasts, NI VeriStand Integrator, TestStand Architecture


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Welcome to the group.

Very happy to see you in the list of LabVIEW Champions. Well deserved!

For an opportunity to learn from experienced developers / entrepeneurs (Steve, Joerg, and Brian amongst them):
Check out DSH Pragmatic Software Development Workshop!

DQMH Lead Architect * DQMH Trusted Advisor * Certified LabVIEW Architect * Certified LabVIEW Embedded Developer * Certified Professional Instructor * LabVIEW Champion * Code Janitor

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A great addition to the group, glad to see you here Brian!

Thoric (CLA, CLED, CTD and LabVIEW Champion)

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Congratulations Brian - you're an important addition to the group!

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Hooovahh! Welcome! Who's the big guy holding you?


JackDunaway wrote:


Hooovahh! Welcome! Who's the big guy holding you?


Sorry; figured it out.