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LabVIEW Speak - Programming LV through voice commands

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A Video getting started guide to using and developing with LabVIEW Speak

(The full 'Instrumentation Newsletter' text describing this technology is available here)

*NOTE* Embedded videos not operational. Please follow links.

All Material used (PPT and LVPackages) is attached

If you want to go straight to the flashy stuff, go straight to the Plugin Pack and Command Reviews

FYI: Don't miss the last video and the introduction of 'FreakingFastDrop', the revolution of QuickDrop.

Installing and Testing Installation

<a href="">Getting_Started_with_LVSpeak_Pt1</a>

Executing Your First LVSpeak Command

<a href="">Getting_Started_with_LVSpeak_Pt2</a>

Operating the LVSpeak Engine and Debugging Installation

<a href="">Getting_Started_with_LVSpeak_Pt3</a>

QEC - Align - Command Review

<a href="">Align_Commands</a>

QEC - Engine - Command Review

<a href="">Engine_Plugin</a>

QEC Plugin Pack - All those other goodies

Part 1

<a href="">QEC_Plugin_Pack_Pt1</a>

Part 2

<a href="">QEC_Plugin_Pack_pt2</a>

Part 3

<a href="">QEC_Plugin_Pack_pt3</a>

Part 4 - Freaking Fast Drop & Pulling it all together

<a href="">Freaking_Fast_Drop</a>