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serial comunication

Hello my name is Angel, and my email is

I am using Labview 7.1 to do my final project. I need to comunicate my portable PC to a board that I have built with a microprocesor. Anyway I can´t do the test to see if me serial port is running propertly. I have use the basic serial write and and I have short the pins 2 and 3 of the serial port, but once and again the program say me:

Error - 1073807202 Ocurred at property node in visa configure serial port (Instr).vi - Basic serial write and

So, do I need to install something in the program to use the serial port? or something like this, because I don´t know what´s happening. How can I use this little program.

Looking forward your answer.

Thank you, Angel Cabezuelo
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Install VISA from the Device Driver Reference CD.
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Hola Angel,

Dennis is right, it seems the issue has to do with a wrong software installation.

You can check from MAX the software installed (under My System->Software).
You can even open a I/O session with the serial port from MAX (i.e. Devices and Interfaces->COM1->Open VISA session->Basic I/O tab->Write and Read tabs), to verify what may be wrong.

Also, although it may be too much for what it seems a simple issue, you could use NI Spy and capture VISA calls to see what's going on. (It's installed with NI Software at Inicio->Programas->National Instruments->NI Spy).

Finally, though I've never seens this as an issue, verify you have logged in with administrator rights or enough rights to deal with the serial ports.

Hope this helps,

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