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Does anyone know if there is a driver written for Omega CN616 temperature controller?  I'm attempting to incorporate this device into a LabView program for an ALD reactor.
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Hello Jon,
         There is not currently an instrument driver for your controller on IDNet, but there are instrument drivers for other Omega controllers that might be useful.  You can also request a driver for your controller here.  You can also develop your own driver for it with the help of these resources


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Accepted by topic author jonrviper

You ever have any luck with a Labview vi for the CN616?  I need to program the CN606...don't want to reinvent the wheel.

Shannon F
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yes i did.  are you trying to read temperature, input temperature, or both? what is the difference between 606 and 616 since that can affect the code?
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It is a 6 channel temp scanner that has the same protocol as the sister CN616 controller.


I want to read the temp on all channels (thermocouple inputs).  I can generate a vi but if you got one it would be greatly appreciated and save me time.  I'm just making a simple data logger with visual (3 color bulb type) and audible alarms (horn) based upon input temp readings.






Shannon F
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on second glance maybe the CN606 has a different protocol; hate to do all the decoding   ug
Shannon F
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i have to pull my vi out of a larger program, but i will post it for you to give you something with which to work.
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That would be greatly appreciated.  THANKS!!!!!!!!!
Shannon F
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Hi Jonrviper,

  I am also using the Omega CN616 to read and control the temperature of a heating device. Could you please share a copy with me as well?

Thanks in advance.


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Hello all, I have included my code for the Omega CN616 controllers.  I do not guarantee this code in any way or even that it is the best way to write the code.  I was a LabVIEW novice when I wrote this code.  It runs my controllers well (and exactly how I want them to run). This code is embedded in a much larger program, so speed or CPU power should not be an issue.


I have included sub-vi's to my main code.   You have to add 6 text boxes to each sub vi, which either output the current temperature or read in the setpoint.  I use a stacked sequence to do this, but I did not include that from the larger code because it seems application specific.  You want the set point to default to zero for this program (I've never used below zero temperatures).  I also would not recommend trying to ping the controllers more than once a second.  Finally I find it works best to wait a second after reading in setpoints before pinging the controllers again.

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