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distributing GPIB ibconf setup to other systems

I have several hundred machines that I need to add some new GPIB device definitions to. The 'batch' mode of ibconf (ibconf -b filename.cfg) does not work - it states that option '-b' is not valid. The only options it lists as valid are '-ng', '-nr', and '-nh'. Is there an easy way to do this via a script file once I have ran ibconf on one system??

System info:
- Linux RedHat 9
- GPIB driver package 'nigpib-linux-0.8.5'
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I don't have a machine with 0.8.6 loaded up right now, but I believe that ibconf just modifies a gpibrc or gpib.rc file, so you might experiment with copying that to another system (backup the old file first) and see if the device config transfers. As I recall, ibconf tells you the file it is modifying on its initial text splash screen near the bottom left.

Scott B.
GPIB Software
National Instruments
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Thanks Scott. I got it to work. It takes two steps. First, the file that ibconf is modifying is /lib/modules/2.4.20-8/kernel/drivers/char/nigpib.o. I had tried copying that file before with no success, but it also needs the /dev/devX files renamed to match the new ibconf names.
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