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collecting data from power supply!

Dear All


I have Labivew program whcih includes programmable power supply , pressure  and temeprature sensors...! .  The power supply is communicated with RS232 and i have to log and save data from the power supply  in the same excel or .csv data with sensor data. But when  i collect data from power supply (current, power and volatge ) and pressure sensors, the data from the power supply looks missed up.  The first collected sampled data is in the bottom row while the last  collected sampled data is in the upper row of the CSV,or Excel sheet .  The data from the external sensors are correctly saved.


Is there any one who can help me why the ordered of the collected data from the power supply  reverses from the normal.




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Attach your VI.

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Dear Dennis


Here i have attached my VI.


Thank you very much for your help!

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That would be because you add the values to the beginning of the arrays and not the end.-  A few tips-

  • Try to keep yopu diagrams neat and tidy so they are easier to maintain
  • Use tunnels with indexing enabled to build output arrays from loops.  I keeps the diagram neater UNLESS you need to optomize performance! I this case you don't
  • Use Scales for tasks.  It improves readability and provides a indication of what the values mean




"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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