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adding LXI instrument in MAX

I am completely new to using LXI and I am trying to control a VTI microwave RF switch.  I am able to see the switch on the network using the Bonjour software and log into it/control it etc.  When I try to add the instrument to MAX I do not see any "LXI" specific tabs and searching the help section I do not see any info on it.  I can add the IP as a "remote system" but it just shows up with a VISA error.  Can anyone point me in the right direction towards configuring an LXI device I was not able to find anything other than a 5 part webcast on using LXI on the NI site.



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I haven't used LXI but I have used VXI-11 and I believe the process is the same. In MAX, right click on Devices and Interfaces and select Create New>VISA TCP/IP Device.
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In NI-VISA 4.4.1 we have added the capability to auto-discover zeroconf enabled LXI devices (i.e. devices fully conforming to LXI 1.3). If you can see it using Bonjour, this device definitely advertises its HTTP service, but it may or may not have all the requirements of LXI 1.3 satisfied. I am not sure about this particular device, but I can try to find more information if you can give me the model and firmware rev of the device.


In any case, this device should continue to support manual discovery based on VXI-11. If you follow Dennis' suggestion, you should be able to add it to MAX. In general, you need to add the device to MAX only if you need to provide it an alias or need it to be found by viFindRsrc. If you just want to use the device, and you know the resource string supported by the device (usually in the form TCPIP0::<ip-address or hostname>::inst0::INSTR), you can directly pass the string to viOpen and obtain a VISA session to the device.




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I was able to find it in MAX, it was easy to add it as aTCP/IP device.  I was trying to add it in the Remote systems area initially.


Thanks for the help guys.

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