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VISA resource name problem with Hameg HMS1000

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I have a HAMEG HMS1000 spectrum analyser and i want to communicate with it using NI VISA and SCPI commands.


First i created a driver for my device with the informations given here : my device showed in the device manager under  "NI-VISA USB Devices"


The problem is when i launch NI MAX i can see my device and communicate with it using "VISA TEST PANEL" but when i switch to labview, visa resource name doesn't show the name of my device.


did i do something wrong? please help



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Did you use the VISA Wizard to create a USB RAW interface? That is seldom a good idea. Are you sure you weren't supposed to create a virtual com port? Most instrument vendors define a USB connection as either USBTMC or a serial connection.

p.s. Your link is bad.
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well yes i used the NI VISA Driver wizard to create a RAW usb interface, if it isn't much of a good idea should i use the windows drivers given by the vendor ? thank you again

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Accepted by topic author nowever111
You should always use the driver provided by the vendor.
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