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VISA question

It is possible transmit data from a Usb mass storage to a pc using VISA? I have study this tool but I think that only allow control transfer. Can I read data information from a Hard Disk for example with VISA through the usb port?
Thank you.
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Don't forget that a storage device has a filesystem and you can do all kind of file operations in LabVIEW.
Don't use a hammer for screws or a srewdriver with nails..
greetings from the Netherlands
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And with CVI/Labwindows and the functions of VISA viUsb?


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LabVIEW or CVI are programming environments, both have the same operating system support.
In both you should try to use the available tools.
They were invented for ease, not just for fun.
So if you have a storage system: use it. If you don't have a driver search one. If you have too much time start puzzling.

greetings from the Netherlands
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