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VISA does not recognize remote system in MAX

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I've been trying to setup instrument cards in a PXIe chassis, and I am having trouble getting VISA to recognize them.  From reading some of the other posts related to VISA Resource Names, I found that you should be able to drag and drop devices from NI MAX into a Labview Block Diagram, and it will automatically create a VISA Resource Control for the device.  I am able to do this for devices installed on "My System" (COM1 for example), but when I try to do it from "Remote System", is just drops the name in a text block.  If I try to create a VISA Resource Control directly, the drop-down only shows the devices on My System.  I've even tried to switch the VISA class for the control.  Still can't get VISA to recognize the remote devices.  Please Advise. 


Working with Labview 2012 SP1 f5

NI PXIe 1082 Chassis

NI PXIe 8133 Controller

VISA 5.4 installed on PC

VISA 5.4 installed on controller

Firewall is disabled for chassis network card





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Excellent information.  I had hoped it would be something simple like this.  Thanks Kate.



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