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Using Agilent GPIB-USB adpater ?

I would like to interface an Agilent 53131A Universal Counter and an Agilent E3648A Power Supply to a PC via an Agilent 82357B GPIB-USB interface.  I am using an evaluation version of Signal Express (tektronics ed.) but will have a full version installed by the end of the week.  I have not been able to find any drivers (IVI or plug and play) to allow for USB connectivity in this fashion.  Will I need to drop the USB connection and use serial (RS-232) or buy a GPIB card to be able to controll these instruments with Signal Express?
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There are IVI drivers for both of those instruments. Both of them support a GPIB connection which is what you are using. The fact that the GPIB controller connects to the pc with a USB cable does not make a difference. Actually, even if you had instruments that connected to the pc with a direct USB connection, it probably wouldn't make a difference. IVI and most of the other types of drivers listed on NI's site are based on VISA and VISA makes the physical interface a non-issue in most cases. It's just a matter of selecting the correct resource name.
I've not used Signal Express but you might need to do something in order to get the GPIB controller recognized. It might be as simple as enabling tulip support in MAX (Measurement and Automation Explorer). You should read the information at
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Hi Graham,

Once you get your GPIB-USB device recognized in MAX and download the IVI drivers for your instruments, you should be able to control the instruments from Signal Express. I see you have a Universal Counter and Power supply; Signal Express only provides a step to directly control the Power supply, and you'll need a user-defined step for the Counter.  The links here and here have information on creating user-defined steps, and you can search here for existing user-defined steps. Hope this helps. Thanks!

Ebele O.
National Instruments
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Thank you both, Dennis and Ebele, for your input.  I have just finished installing Signal Express 2.0 and will now look into the suggestions you have provided.
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