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USB examples with VISA 3.0

Does anyone have any examples of communicating with a USB device using NI-VISA 3.0, using a driver created with the VISA Driver Development Wizard? Either LabVIEW or C, or even just using VISAIC.

Using C or VISAIC I can get/set attributes, get the status from the endpoints using USB Control In, but when I try to use viWrite or viRead to communicate with the device firmware I get error 0xbFFF003A ("Unable to start operation because setup is invalid").

Any ideas or examples would be very useful!
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I'm guessing you should use the RAW class, and not ordinary VISA READ/WRITE.... I was hoping you might be able to help me a bit? I'm currently working on a project with a custom made USB device myself. I am having problems using the interrupt endpoint. VISA seems unable to detect my Interrupt endpoint, and reads status -1. This is not the case if I use Bulk endpoint. Seems strange, since VISA supposably supports interrupt... Any tips?
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