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SA1780 and GPIB

I've been wracking my brain about this for quite some time, but I'm
having trouble with Labview locking up every now and then.

I'm working with a Scientific Atlanta 1783 receiver (early 1980's), and
I occasionally have problems with it. Most of the time, when it
generates a service request, the computer handles it fine. But other
times, the computer almost locks up. I can fix that problem by (get
this) killing off explorer, and labview continues as if there was no
problem. I know I was having a problem earlier with timing (because
this receiver is only IEEE 488 1978 partially compliant, and it's kinda
sluggish sometimes), but I've been able to fix that. If Labview is
trying to read the GPIB bus, it isn't timing out properly.

Is thi
s a Win95 problem or a Labview problem?

If anyone has worked with the SA 1780 reciever with Labview (and gotten
it working moderately fast), let me know.


Kevin Mescher

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