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Question about SerialPollPrj.dpr


I use TDS220 to test the example file SerialPollPrj.DPR. (Delphi, PCI-GPIB,
But the SRQ:80 seems signal twice in one 'CURVE?' command.

So, after a certain number of ibrsp() function call.
The ibrsp(UD0, INVALID) will comes out repeatly.
iberr = ESTB (15)

Further Test:
Let the program don't send the 'CURVE?' command repeatly.
(Use a button to send the command 'CURVE?'. The orginal program send the
'CURVE?' command right after it get the SRQ:80 in timer1 event. So, the
autosrq queue will full.).
See what happen to the ibrd()
The second SRQ:80 will come out.
And then the ibrd() funciton call will TIMO.

The second SRQ:80 is the behavior of the Scope TDS220 or not.
Should I remove the second SRQ
by insert one more ibrsp()?

Or, Is it a problem of not proper setting of ibconfig()?
(I didn't setting it so far.)

I am a newbi to the GPIB programming.
Please help me.


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