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Problems with VISA and the serial port


i have a little problem with the serial port and VISA. I have changed an existing LabView- Software in that way that I have replaced the serial- module by the VISA- module. The function of the program is to communicate with different devices by RS232. After changing the modules to VISA the software doesn't work probably. The problem is, that when I try to communicate with one of the devices first I get no answer. When I try it a second time after some seconds the communication works perfect. After about a minute I send another message to my device but there is no answer again. I have to send the message again.

I hope someone in this forum can help me with my problem

cu Marco
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this sounds very much like a problem with the termination of your messages. You may have to tell VISA to add a termination character. Please follow the instructions in this document.

Best regards,

National Instruments Germany
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