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Need some help controlling Ruska 7000 through Labview



I wanted to control a Ruska Series 7000 Digital Pressure Controller (7010-705N) by sending a recipe of different set point and durations through labview. The ruska has a GPIB port. I have a GPIB  USB HS cable. My questions are : 


(1) Could anyone direct me to the right driver page ? The only drivers that I found on NI are for 7250, 7252, and 7615. I am not sure if it would support this older model

(2) Could anyone share some suggestions on how to design the LV part ? I wanted to send a recipe, for example 5 PSI for 5 min, 30 PSI for 10 min etc. If anyone can share a generic VI template for me to start off That would be awesome. 


Many many thanks


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You'll have to compare the commands in your manual to what is in the driver for the newer model and make the appropriate changes.
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