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NIDAQmx .NET library - missing function

I am planning to use the NIDAQmx .NET library to control the devices in my PXI chassis over TestStand.
I add a .NET step and use the DLL that I downloaded from the NI website.
However, some functions are missing, like SetAnalogPowerUpStates. Is this function exluded deliberately because of its variable parameter count?
Before the .NET module I tried to use the ANSI C library, NIDAQmx.lib. That function appears with the name "SetAnalogPowerUpStates_VB6" and when the step calls this function, a run-time error occurs with error code -17502.
So, it looks like there is no direct way of calling this function from TestStand?
Any comments?
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Wrong Forum
Please use another forum for this question.
use Multifunction DAQ instead of GPIBSerial, VISA

You have a much better chance to get a good answer there
greetings from the Netherlands
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This topic has been moved to the Multifunction DAQ forums here.

Matt Anderson

Hardware Services Marketing Manager
National Instruments
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