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MAX doesnot see devices which are connected to GPIB-ENET/100


I cannot see GPIB devices, which are connected to the GPIB-ENET/100, with MAX (Measurement and Automation Explorer). The ENET has a valid ip-adress and I can ping it from my PC. I also open the necessary firewall ports.

My MAX version is

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do you use the latest firmware for GPIB-ENET/100, you can find it here:

You can also try to download the newest NI- GPIB 488.2 driver. Link:
Deinstall the old one and install the newer one without hardware, if you use a older driver.
After installing the new driver connect the hardware.

If it's problem with MAX itself, you can try to repair MAX. Go to Start->Settings->Control panel-> software -> click NI-Software change/delete. In the next window choose Measurement&Automation Explorer and click repair.

best regards.

Christoph Strasser| AE NIG

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