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Logging Electrical Properties vs Temperature



I am relatively new to labview. For background I have completed LabVIEW core 1 and parts of LabVIEW core 2 tutorials.


I have been developing code that allows me to log electrical properties (electrical impedance, capacitance, microwave resonant frequency etc) using various pieces of hardware (Keysight E4981, E4990A and Keysight network analysers) as a function of temperature. The thermocouple is NI hardware controlled using DAQmX VI's.


All of my code so far has basically logged the electrical properties across a user defined temperature range with a user controllable measurement interval. This has then plotted xy graphs of the data until the maximum temperature is reached or the user stops the measurement and the data is then exported into an excel spreadsheet. These are simple programs but sufficient for what we require. My next challenge is to record the electrical properties as a function of temperature as stated above but to also record the electrical properties at a single user-inputted reference temperature i.e. 20°C or 25°C +/- 0.5°C. One solution would be to measure much more frequently to ensure I capture data at this point but it then means I will be generating far more data than is required especially as my measurements tend to run over a few hours. 


What would be the best way to achieve the above requirement? Preferably using structure or boolean controls as I understand these better than labview architectures I am not or may not be familiar with.




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You've not described how the temperature is varied or controlled. If the DUT is in a thermal chamber, it is just a matter of adding this reference temperature to the array of temperatures to sweep.

This simple pseudo-code will solve your requirement,

For each temperature in the array

- Measure thermocouple

- Check if the temperature is within required temperature tolerance, if not WAIT

- Now, Temperature is stable

- Measure all electrical parameters

- Log measured parameters to file

- Next iteration of loop


You can implement all fancy architectures, but does your application require that much effort is the question - do you need fancy interactive GUI? is this a VI implementation or going to be an exe? who is going to operate this?

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