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Is there a 68 to 50 pin converter?

I have a new digital IO card (6533 or DIO-32HS) with a 68 - pin connector and I need to interface this new card with an older test system that has a 50 -pin header. The manual gives a conversion diagram for the two connectors, but is there one canned that i could just purchase? Or do I have to make up custom cables?
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I recently bought the NI cable adapter from 68f to 50m for E-series device (code 183139-01).
If I'm not wrong, for DIO-32HS there is a different converter with diffeent pin assignments: you have to check directly with NI persons, but I assume it's still possible to obtain it even if it's not in the catalogue.


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Yes, there is a cable that converts the 68 to 50 pin. In the page 488 of the NI 2002 catalog you can find the cable R6850-D1 that is designed for this purpose.
I hope that helps.
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How about a 50 to 96 pin converter to connect an AT-MIO-64E-3 to a SXCI-1000 box?  Thanks
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Let's continue this in your other forum, here.
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