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In begining PXI session run program like RESMAN in VXI session or the open must bw a part of DLL?

I am wriitng a DLL for a new PCI device and it was possible that in on e chassis will be more that one device hoe the user will pass to DLL in wirch device the command it?( this is my first expereince with PXI and PCI programming) the device is a passive device (no CPU in the device)
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There is no program like VXI's resman for PXI. PXI device are programmed in the same was as PCI devices. Any initialization that is done-- outside of what is done by the CPU that is controlling the system-- must be done by the application that is controlling it.

Trey Hamilton
National Instruments
Applications Engineering
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I think you are asking one of 2 possible questions and I'll try to answer them both.

The first is how to find any existing board of a given model. Each PCI or PXI module will have its own model code, just as in VXI. You can do a search with viFindRsrc with "PXI?*INSTR{VI_ATTR_MANF_ID == 0x1234 && VI_ATTR_MODEL_CODE == 0x5678}". If there is only 1 in the system, the output string is what you want.

If there are more than 1 of the exact same type of device in the system, that query will not suffice because it will return all of them. The way to distinguish them then is to use the device number, which is similar perhaps to the VXI logical address. 2 devices next to each other might have addresses like "PXI0::15::INSTR" and "PXI0::14::INSTR". These numbers
are related to the slot but are not quite the same as the slot. The 3 unique numbers in PXI are bus (often 0 for a small PXI chassis), device, and function (0 for most devices, required only for multifunction devices). The resource string uses them as "PXI::::::INSTR".

Dan Mondrik
Senior Software Engineer, VISA
National Instruments
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