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I have a problem using GPIB to communicate with HP4191A

I am using NI PCI-GPIB card to communicate with HP4191A. But I can not communicate with the instrument.
1. I started NI488.2 troubleshooting wizard. It says NI488.2 software presence verified, GPIB hardware presence verified,GPIB interfaces sequentially verified. This means Card is alright?
2. I scanned for the instrument, and the instrument is found and the adress is right.
3. I use the interactive communication, there is error, said "OLd VISA is opened". I do not know why?

Is there anyone who knows it? I apprepriate for your help. Big thanks.
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It sounds like your card is installed correctly and that it is detecting your instrument correctly as well. Have you tried right-clicking on your instrument in MAX and selecting "Communicate with Instrument"? When you do this, a window should open that will allow you to Query the instrument. Does this seem to work ok? If not, what error do you receive? You should also be able to communicate through interactive control, but the error "Old VISA is opened" is a little puzzling. What command do you send that returns that error? What version of VISA do you have installed? Have you tried to communicate to your instrument through LabVIEW or a different API? Did that work OK?

It possible that depending on the version of VISA you have installed and i
f you are trying to communicate with your instrument in LabVIEW as well that you are seeing the problem described in this KB.

Hope this helps!


Steven B.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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