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I am looking for driver instrument for Agilent 35670A Analyzer.

I am looking for driver instrument for Agilent 35670A Analyzer (for LabWindows/CVI). Where can I find it?
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Hello Kris1,
We have a LabVIEW driver for the 35670A on our website, but not a CVI driver. There is, however, a CVI driver for a 3561A (another HP Dynamic Signal Analyzer). The command sets should be similar and so you should be able to modify the 3561A's driver to work with the 35670A.

HP3561A Dynamic Signal Analyzer

Otherwise, states a few options to obtaining a driver. Drivers are developed based on demand and p
opularity so the more requests, the greater the possibility that one will be developed. It would also be beneficial to notify the instrument manufacturer.

Ray K
NI Applications Engineer
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Hi, Ray

Can you tell me where I can find the LabVIEW driver for HP 35670A on your website. Thanks.

Ian Ren
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