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How to communicate between S7-300 and PC?

I have a PC with serial port, and S7-300 with a module CP340.
So Can I communicate(Read/Write) between them? Do I need make a protocol?

As far as I know S7-300 has two Function blocks(FB3&FB4) which they can receive or send.but I don't know the detail of communication.
Somebody could give me some hint.Thx a lot.
Virry Test & Control
LabVIEW Certified Developer
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What environment are you trying to use? Here are a couple of related discussion forums:

Please repost if you have further questions.

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Thank you reply,JenK

The documents above seem like I need more adaptor or device to communicate with S7-300 PLC.
But my boss need to cut the price of initial cost, so there is a low cost way to do ?

So far I can read the data from serial port which connect with CP340 module's RS232 port.
but I don't know how to modify the PLC's register value so that I can control the the whole process.
Are there cheaper way except profibus using lookout?

BTW, I use this communication in HVAC system.
Virry Test & Control
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Here are some tutorials about how to do serial communication in Lookout. They could be what you are looking for.

Hope this is more of a help.

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