Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

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How to check equipment utilization ?

Hi ,


i am trying to monitor how many times the instrument status like how many times the communication has happened between PC and instrument in a day or if it is idle on a system . Is there any VISA command that can be used to check the number of times the instrument is called or any other way to do so ?


Thank you

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NI-Spy ??



Depending on the instrument, some count relay switches, last recal etc

If you run you own program, no problem to add your own log-file

Greetings from Germany

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Hi Henrik,


Thanks for your reply.


regarding NI-SPY , i guess we need to run it in background always while running the main program and also i am not sure if it work for 3rd party instrument.


yes we can do something like data logging , however i was looking if there is any function in windows or any VISA function which can tell how many times the communication has happened  . 



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